a bit liquid

Originally Designed By Boris Cherny


    This is a template called "a bit liquid; a liquid version/revision upgrade, imo, "series" of Boris Cherny's "a bit modern", which is fixed width. Enclosed, your choice of liquid 2 or 3 columns, absolute or float positioning.    

    This template is absolutely free, open source, with no strings attached. I would enjoy seeing any active versions, so please consider dropping me a note using the member email form here, if you use it. Not required, but please consider leaving the link in the footer, back to this site. Take a peek at my other premium designs, here. Free java flyout menus and many extras, available at my own site, "here".

   Write if you have any questions, problems, or suggestions; using member tools. All Liquid 90% screen width, regardless of resolution (easily and quickly variable, more or less). All liquid widths and heights, every single color is now easily CSS adjustable. Tested: Nvu & DW, IE and Firefox. On the left menu, move the "current_page" CSS class flag in the html to change "active" visual position.

   Design & Publish your own free Web Site using Nvu: The world's most popular freeware WYSIWYG graphic or text based HTML editor; available for Win, Mac, or Linux.

Template a : This is a floated 3 column version, items stacked top to bottom, main content column also holds the right column. The title is absolute.

Template b : Second Revision; Liquid 3 Column Absolute Version: Absolute Positioned header assembly. Absolute positioned title. Absolute positioned left, center, and right columns. Fully variable heights, widths, and colors.

Template c : Original first worthy revision; Liquid 2 column floated version: All items stacked top to bottom in two columns, floated over a dark gray canvas. Fully variable heights, widths, and colors.

Template d : Last version. Fluid width 3 column floated with absolute title. Fully variable heights, widths, and colors.

The Design

NOTE: CSS's overflow:auto; used for automatic "scrollbars"; is a handy safegard for wide content which might otherwise break the layout. Here's an overflow styled div box named "right_content_e", at 200px height and 100% width; "here".

Some Links




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